The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Economic Issues (IJEEI) is a double-blind peer reviewed journal published annually by King’s College, Kathmandu. The Journal has been in publication since 2017 and has since produced two volumes with diverse and intensive empirical research in the fields of entrepreneurship, education and economic issues by scholars and practitioners from across the world. IJEEI brings together scholars, practitioners and faculty members of academic institutions from across the world in the capacities of contributors, reviewers and advisors. 



IJEEI is a testament to King’s College’s recognition that academic institutions, as centers of knowledge production and dissemination, should foster a culture of academic inquiry that investigates into established ideas rather than assuming them as incontrovertible prima facie.  The journal also reflects King’s College’s admission of the dearth of research on the issues associated with entrepreneurship and education in Nepal; it is this dearth that the Journal seeks to ameliorate. An academic journal such as IJEEI, therefore, is imperative in producing and disseminating empirically intensive, methodologically rigorous and theoretically sound research, particularly on entrepreneurship and education.  



The primary objective of IJEEI is to create a repository of empirical research in the fields of entrepreneurship and education in Nepal. Therefore, broader thematic issues in entrepreneurship and education are prioritized. Both horizontal and vertical trajectories of the journal ensure that the readers acquire fresh, holistic perspectives on Nepal’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. However, the journal does not preclude empirical evidence from other parts of the world that can be pertinent in drawing meaningful inferences in analyzing specific issues in developing economies like Nepal. 



IJEEI, with a goal of creating an authentic knowledge base on entrepreneurship and education, prioritizes papers based on primary research over those based on secondary research. It encourages scholars and practitioners to study entrepreneurship and education by extracting data from indigenous, traditional and/or local pool of knowledge and resources. The journal encourages contributions from up-and-coming researchers who seek not only recognition but also rigorous, objective feedback on the methodology and the entire research process from experienced reviewers. 


Review Process

IJEEI is a double-blind peer reviewed academic journal that ensures anonymity of both the reviewers and the researchers to enable objective, unbiased and rigorous reviews from experienced academics and researchers. The researchers who do not succeed to get published will also benefit from the detailed feedback they receive following the Journal’s rigorous review process.