Unlocking the Relationship between Entrepreneurship and Socioeconomic Integration

A study based on Nepali entrepreneurs in Lisbon, Portugal*

  • Biswash Praja Erasmus Mundus, Masters in Advanced Development in Social Work, University of Lincoln, UK
Keywords: Immigrants, Entrepreneurship, Socioeconomic Integration, Nepali Entrepreneurs


This research project uses immigrant entrepreneur’s perspectives on how entrepreneurship has influenced or facilitated in integration processes in host country. The study is based on Nepali immigrants engaged in entrepreneurship in Lisbon. Semi structured interview was used to interpret the narratives of the conversation with the respondents, which is coded into themes using thematic analysis. Twelve Nepali entrepreneurs were interviewed who owned small or medium scale business ventures in Lisbon. Being Nepali as well as migrant here in Portugal, enabled the researcher to reflect, analyse and interpret insider perspective for the study which controls the possible limitations of understanding the social milieu of the respondents during the study process. Social capital theory was used to analyse immigration, and entrepreneurship start-ups in host country. As a whole, it has been found out that, the entrepreneurial ventures helps Nepali immigrants to integrate in the host societies by facilitating them in easy adjustment process from the period of arrival until they settle down. The implications of this research are useful for local authorities in host country to further strengthen bonds between immigrants and host society through entrepreneurship. The social capital that is evident in community can be strength for authorities to support in establishing entrepreneurial ventures for Nepali immigrants.