An Analytical Model for Strategic Promotion of Growth-Oriented Women Entrepreneurship in Rural Nepal

  • Chhitij Bashyal
  • Tara P Panthi
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, MSMES, Enterprise, Ecosystem, Rural Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship promotion initiatives in Nepal have paid limited emphasis on helping the growthoriented micro-enterprises transform into small enterprises. There is also a lack of knowledge and effort in customization of entrepreneurship promotion strategy to meet specific needs of entrepreneurs, particularly for women. This formative study seeks to explore such gaps and also propose an ecological framework to help future programs and policies to better address the issues identified. The study conducted interviews and enterprise observations of selected entrepreneurs of an enterprise accelerator program. The findings inform the development of a holistic framework for analyzing and designing growth promotion strategies across the dimensions of four Es: Entrepreneur, Enterprise, Ecosystem, and Economy. The study underlines the importance of forming a grounded understanding of key dimensions across the 4 Es while creating entrepreneurship promotion strategy.