2020: COVID-19 & International Higher Education

  • Rosemary Gillett-Karam Morgan State University
Keywords: COVID-19, international students, higher education


In this study, international students are portrayed as they present themselves now and as they have been affected and effected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Universities and colleges are featured as they react and explain their reactions, dicta, and information concerning the status of international students at their institutions. Critical to the study is that it tells the story of international students studying abroad both directly from their impressions and according to the university and college policy provided to them. Of particular interest to both reactors is the focus on offering online courses to students, which generally has received acceptance but with negative reactions. Of concern is the impact of using technologies when poor countries may not even have broadband or are mired in political decisions about technology use. No permanent solutions to the introduced issues are offered as the pandemic is a continuing with little agreed upon understanding about its permanence.