The Rebirth of Eagle and Learning in COVID 19 Pandemic: An International Student’s Perspective

  • Muhammad Sharif Uddin Morgan State University, USA
Keywords: alternative, COVID 19, eagle, life, rebirth, survival


COVID 19 has brought a new struggle in our lives throughout the world. Thousands of people are affecting every day with the coronavirus, and this virus is carrying out thousands of lives. It has brought a new order of life for us with many changes. This current pandemic is also a message for everyone to look for an alternative for the sake of survival. This paper portraits the experiences of an international student how the epidemic has affected and changed his study. 

Author Biography

Muhammad Sharif Uddin, Morgan State University, USA

MUHAMMAD SHARIF UDDIN is a scholar in the Urban Educational Leadership Program at Morgan State University, USA. He also works as a graduate research assistant and as an adjunct faculty in the Department of Teacher Education at Morgan. He is a Fellow of International Leaders in Education Programs. His research interest is teacher education, critical pedagogy, and soka education. His email address is